.wat is epilipse?

Q:a disease found in brain
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There are many forms of epilepsy, each with its own characteristic symptoms.Whatever its form, the disease is caused by a problem in communication between the brain’s nerve cells. Normally, such cells communicate with one another by sending tiny electrical signals back and fourth.In someone with epilepsy, the signals from one group of nerves cells occasionally become too strong; so strong that they overwhelm neighboring parts of the brain.It is sudden, excessive electrical discharge that causes the basic symptom of epilepsy, which is called an epileptic seizure, fit or convulsion.It is not yet known what causes the brain’s communication system to misfire in this fashion, or why such events recur in some people.Exhaustive research, including the testing of great numbers of epileptics have no identifiable structural abnormality in the brain, that is, there is nothing that is visibly wrong.The epilepsy of the remaining one third can generally be traced back to an underlying problem such as brain damage at birth,severe head injury, or brain-tissue infection. Occasionally the condition may be caused by brain tumors.[ This is especially likely when the epilepsy appears for the first time in adulthood ]. when u have seizures
www.epilepsy.com This is the correct spelling, it is when you have a seizure, their are many different kinds of seizures.The Dr. that you want to see if you have them or know someone that does, is a Neurologist, they can do a test called the Catscan,which x-rays the head, and also a test called EEG, they fasten electrodes to your head, they record brain waves, these tests do not hurt,.
that is the term used for seizures
basically it is a misfiring of the electrical system in the brain caused by damage or trauma. It causes the entire body to convulse at varying degrees. It can be life threatening.
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