what problems to people with leukemia have?

Q:what problems to people with leukemia have?
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Most of these individuals are susseptible to infections (colds, flus, other illnesses) due to the lack of white blood cells. So unfortunately, they can catch anything and very quickly. They need to be very careful, eat healthy and take the vitamins that are prescribed. And most of all get treatments.
my niece n my nephew both had it!!! they were very sick with the treatments!!!they are in Heaven now!! i don’t like answering this question but it is the TRUTH, if you have this terrible disease or one of your loved ones, don’t go by this, please everyone is different, talk to your Doctor, MAY GOD BLESS YOU if you do, PRAYER is a wonderful thing, remember that, talk to YOUR Doctor, he has the answers, no one here really does, ok.
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