Who can tell me about Lupus?

Q:What are some of early signs of Lupus? Can Lupus occur in people that have no history of it in their family?
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Check out this website from the Lupus Foundatin of America
My sister has lupus. There was no history if it in the family, and the doctor told me that I am no more likely to have it than the general population. It is an autoimmune disease which occurs more frequently in women than men, and it is usually diagnosed during childbearing years. Generally speaking the earlier the diagnosis – the more likely for it to be a severe case. Please be careful and don’t ignore the signs! It started with arthritis like symptoms in my sister’s case. She was diagnosed at 16 and by 17 she had full-blown lupus. She lost her kidneys and had damage to her heart, lungs, spleen, brain, etc. She is on her second kidney transplant and is doing well now, but we were not sure that she was going to make it to her 18th birthday. butterfly shape rash on face- tiredness-fever- enlarged lymphnodes – and yes it can happen to anyone – no known reason why people get it
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