5 Reasons She is One of My Favorite Writers

1. Inspiring

Lisa has created 2Createawebsite.com, Website Babbles.com, and much more. I thoroughly enjoy her you tube videos that have been very inspirational for me. I was just bursting with joy when I first listened to one of Lisa’s videos.

Lisa is my inspirational writer. She is inspiring and motivational also. Lisa started writing in 1998 while in college. I love the fact that she is very realistic about expectations. She has admitted that she did not always work as an affiliate Marketer full-time as she now does.

She tells of her struggles. She shares her learning experiences. I recall her saying that she could hardly wait to get home from her 9-5 job just so she could write about 5 or 6 hours. That reminded me of when I get an idea while I am away from home, I can sometimes hardly wait to start writing about it. I was impressed when she shared that in 2004 she had quadrupled her income and was able to go full-time as an affiliate marketer. Lisa has also shared her failures along with her successes. Most people are not too quick to share their failures with you. Lisa has emphasized repeatedly not to fear failure. It is important to learn from my failures. This was incentive for me to continue writing. Am I there yet? No, I am not. Will I persist? Yes, I will.

2. Passion

Lisa speaks about having the passion to write. It is apparent that Lisa writes with passion. She has a special gift of teaching. This is evident in all of her videos. Lisa is about problem solving. If she does not know the answer, she will find someone that does. I agree with that. Even though I get tired, I still want to continue writing. Writing is one of my passions.

3. Knowledge

Lisa is not afraid to share her knowledge. She does not hoard or keep her knowledge as secrets. I have learned great ideas, tips, and strategies from Lisa’s videos. She is very giving. I love the examples that Lisa shares. She has not charged others for any information that she has given out. Believe me she has shared tons of information that is very valuable. Lisa speaks highly of others that have mentored her.

4. Access

When I have had problems or questions regarding websites, she has always responded to my personal emails. She acknowledges that she self-taught herself regarding HTML, search engine optimization, and several other tools that she has learned over the years. Her e-books are free to subscribers and she gives a lot of good information.

I like the fact that she actually showed her actual earnings for Google Ad sense for $5,974.00 for one month in 2009 on her you tube video. That was very impressive. She is still prospering and she is still here.

5. Sharing

She is not afraid to put herself out there. Lisa shares basic principals. She freely gives information about templates,Cascading Style Sheets, building traffic, blogs, websites, you tube collaborating, and much more. What she learns, she shares it with others. I am glad that I was able to meet Lisa. I definitely recommend her to anyone thinking of creating a website or blog.


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