5 Truly Unique 2011 Halloween Costume Ideas for Adults

Halloween is a multi-billion dollar phenomenon. Everybody embraces it. People love to be odd. They love to scare and to be scared. When it comes to deciding what to dress as, you want something that is fresh and unique. You do not want to look like everybody else. That is lame. If you are looking for a truly unique idea for your Halloween costume, here are 5 original ideas for 2011.

1) Lady Gaga’s 2011 MTV Video Music Award costume. She dressed as a man, but not any ole man. She dressed as a greaser who could have been an extra on The Sopranos. It was incredibly believable. She stole the show. If you are a female, this is a great idea. If you are a male, no. Try one of Lady Gaga’s other costumes, like the Meat Suit.

2) Wilfred. If you haven’t seen the FX smash TV show then check it out. Wilfred is a dog who appears as a dog everybody in the world except one person. He sees Wilfred as a two-legged walking, human voice talking, half-man, half-dog. Google images of him and you will understand. You need to make your Wilfred costume as authentic as possible. This includes making it appear dirty.

3) The Declining Stock Market. Just get a large box and cut arm and leg holes in it. Step inside and you are halfway there. Now you need to draw a downward-declining arrow along a graph to represent the declining stock market. Be sure to include dollar amounts. The DOW is currently around 10,000-11,000. Make the arrow colorful and large. Don’t add too much description. It makes for a great conversation starter.

4) An Ounce of Gold. This goes hand-in-hand with the stock market costume. If there are two in your party, one can be the stock market and the other can be an ounce of gold. Just make a huge round coin out of cardboard, or metal if you have the means. Paint it gold. Try to make it look like a large gold coin. Find an image of a real gold coin and copy that. You could make the American Eagle or Krugerrand or any other you choose. Also be sure to replicate the back side. Make it so real that people try to steal it.

5) Rotary Phone. In the land of the modern, that which is vintage can be king. This will take some ingenuity. You will need to make it three-dimensional. Don’t just draw a picture of a phone on a piece of paper. Make a large 3D model, the bigger the better. If you are good with tools you can get a large chunk of Styrofoam and carve a phone. Then you need to paint it. Try to make a working dial and handset. The cord can be made from any number of items. Just use your imagination. It’s also cheaper than your cell phone plan.

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