A Brown Bag of Wedding Jitters

Her hand quivered as she tried to slip on her bracelet. This day had been coming for months now, but reality finally came rushing in. Her engagement ring glimmered from the sunlight creeping through the window as she moved it to her right hand. With so much planning and stress, all she could think about at that moment was “what is all of this really for? Have I lost sight of why I’m even doing this? Is Craig really the man I want until death does us part?” Wedding jitters set in, and her hand clutched the brown bag as she started to hyperventilate into it.

She and Craig fell in love very quickly, so quickly that sometimes she wondered if she truly loved him or just being in love. He was sweet, successful, a family man, always put her needs and wants first, romantic, and everything she could want in a man. Even with all of this, she kept thinking to herself “Do I really love him or do I just love those things?” The bag continued growing and shrinking.

Alice peered out the window, trying to savor the moment rather than let her wedding jitters keep her from doing something she had been so excited for since Craig popped the question. She rewound back to that magical moment, the one that changed her future forever in hopes to remember what this all was about.

They were celebrating their one year anniversary with dinner and ice-skating, the same date as when they first met. She had been skating with a few friends when a guy came zipping around the corner, scaring her enough to make her fall down. He stopped immediately and rushed back, apologizing over and over. It only took him minutes after that to ask her to dinner, and she didn’t hesitate to say yes.

For their one year, they decided to go ice-skating together to celebrate their relationship. As they were skating, Craig softly fell down and Alice went to help him up as laughter crept out of her lips. He grabbed her hand and pulled himself up to one knee, pulling a ring out at that moment and asking her then and there. It was out of the blue, extremely romantic, and a moment she would remember forever.

A smile took over her face as she thought back on how they met and how Craig used that for his proposal. It forced her to think of how he had made her feel in those moments throughout their relationship. He gave her butterflies anytime they touched, made her lips tingle anytime they kissed, made her heart pound anytime he called, made her feel comfortable, loved, respected, trusted, and complete. He was everything to her as she was to him, and it was because of how he made her feel; not because of what he offered to the relationship.

The bag dropped to the floor, and she turned to her best friend and said “Okay, I’m ready.”

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