A Hypoglycemia Thanksgiving : 5 Healthy Holiday Tips

Every Thanksgiving the table is set with a plethora of delicious forbidden dishes for the hypoglycemic. From sugar laden pumpkin pie to high carb sweet potatoes, homemade breads and pecan pie, the hypoglycemia sufferer struggles to maintain stable blood sugar levels while gorging on delicious Thanksgiving food. Follow these simple healthy holiday tips for hypoglycemia to help keep your blood sugar levels stable this Thanksgiving season. And as always, discuss any dietary changes with your doctor.

1. Budget your carbs at Thanksgiving.
With the economy a wreck, everyone is talking about budgeting their cash. How about budgeting your sugar and carb intake? For example, if you are limited to 20 grams of carbs per meal, you can enjoy turkey, green beans, and salad and a small slice of low carb pumpkin pie with whole wheat crust.

2. Stock up on vegetables and low carb options.
Choose low carb selections like salads, soups, whole wheat breads, turkey without cranberry sauce, collard greens or green beans. Fill your plate with greens and veggies and you will have some space for the one or two higher carb options like stuffing, cornbread, or maybe apple cobbler.

3. Bring your own Thanksgiving food.
Not sure if your family will have hypoglycemia friendly options? Then you can bring some of your own low carb dishes. Some options can include meat dishes like ham, pork, chicken, or turkey with low carb dressings. You can also bring salads, low sugar desserts made with whole wheat flour, stews, and vegetable dishes low in sugar.

4. Don’t waste your carbs on drinks.
While it might be tempting for you to drink loads of soda, cider, wine, or even juice, as a hypoglycemic, liquid sugar can prove devastating for your holiday season. Sugary beverages are quickly absorbed by your body and can cause a spike in blood sugar levels, followed by a crash. For those with hypoglycemia, a blood sugar crash can cause shakiness, nervousness, fatigue, mood swings, vision problems, and even a coma! Water is always the best choice for hypoglycemia.

5. Be smart.
If you have hypoglycemia, monitor your blood sugar levels, especially at the end of the Thanksgiving feast. With hypoglycemia, your driving abilities can be severely impaired if your blood sugar crashes. Have a designated driver if you are concerned about your blood sugar issues. If you are alone at a social function, eat vegetables, salads, and a protein, but avoid dessert and sugary beverages. This helps control blood sugar levels at the end of the night.

Follow these easy Thanksgiving holiday health tips and you will enjoy a great holiday feast without the blood sugar worries! Share your own hypoglycemia tips in the comments below.

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