A Mother’s Work is Never Done

I am actually a work at home mom. I have a small online business that keeps me busy for about an hour a day. So I have a little more on my plate than the average stay at home mom, but mostly my day is filled with doing mom, wife, and homemaker type stuff. After a week of running errands, taking people to appointments, meetings at the school and shopping for Thanksgiving I finally thought I was going to get a day off today to just finish up my laundry, do some housework and maybe get a little writing in. Boy was I wrong. OK actually right now I am squeezing a little writing in, but I have exactly 15 minutes to do so before I have to go and pick my youngest up at school and no sir the laundry is not done and the hardwood floors look like my dogs hair exploded all over them so really I am sneaking in this little writing break of mine.

Well anyways back to today which was supposed to be a less busy less stressful day for me. This morning my daughter wakes me up at 4:30 AM to tell me she is out of contact solution, this is odd because I had just made an emergency run to the store 3 weeks ago for emergency contact solution. So I am like, “Great, it looks like I am going to Walgreen’s today to get contact solution.”

Then my husband wakes me up again around 5:00 to tell me he has a football game tomorrow (he has season tickets at one of the colleges in Chicago), they will be tail gating and he forgot to tell me that he Woffered to bring skirt steak for he guys and tortillas. Then I am like, “Well I guess I am gong to the grocery store today.”

Then my middle child wakes me up at 6:00 to tell me that the sole of his shoe is literally falling off. Then I am like, “Well I guess I am going shoe shopping today.”

Then I get my youngest out of bed and he is getting dressed and the first pair of pants number he puts on are too short, pair of pants number two, too short. So this goes on and on and we get through 5 pairs of pants before we finally find a pair that doesn’t look like he is wearing capris. Then I am like, “Well I guess I am going to have to go and buy this kid some more pants today because he obviously grew over night.”

Now I am sitting here on my computer laundry and dog hair all around me and I need to go and pick up my son from school. Oh did I mention that I got an email from his teacher today, apparently he was not focusing very well today, so I had to deal with that too. Did I also mention that my dryer is broken.

When people say a mother’s work is never done you had better believe that is true. We also do all of things while being the last one go to bed at night and the first one that gets woke up for every little minor emergency. Well I am off to the school.

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