A Review of the Samsung Gravity

The Samsung Gravity T, offered by T-Mobile, is a great addition to the Gravity line. Released in 2010, this phone has a lot to offer T-Mobile customers looking for an upgrade!

The Samsung Gravity T has the touchscreen desired by many phone users today. This puts it in line with the T-Mobile myTouch 4G and the newest T-Mobile Sidekick model. The full QWERTY keyboard only makes it better. In comparison with the new myTouch 4G, the 2MP camera of the Samsung Gravity cannot rival the myTouch’s 8MP camera. Based on my experience using them both, the picture quality is definitely better with the myTouch. However, if your phone is not your main camera (you actually use a digital one like me), then this phone will suit you just fine. Like most phones today, this phone has a micro-SD slot and GPS capability. For me, the GPS is the handiest thing on this phone. There is nothing worse than driving around looking for the nearest ATM when you could just pop a search into the GPS. This is something I would use almost daily. The 2.8″ touch screen can run somewhat slow if you have multiple things running at once. Be sure to close anything you’re not using and you will notice a big difference in the processing speed of the touch screen.

To sum it up, here are some pros and cons I found with the phone:


· It has decent battery life. The phone advertises a 6-hour talk time, but it would usually last most of the day if I was not constantly using it.

· It has a music player and good sound quality.

· It is Internet capable.

· The phone is thin and light, with a slider keyboard. I found this keyboard to be more comfortable than the T-Mobile Sidekick, and it feels less bulky.


· This particular model is 3G capable. Now, there are 4G phones out there, like the new myTouch and Sidekick.

· There is no headset jack, which can get irritating.

· This phone has dropped some calls, but that seems pretty standard of the T-Mobile service.

· It is not Android-powered.

Overall, this is a good phone and can be found VERY cheap online. The T-Mobile website no longer offers the phone; however, T-Mobile does offer new Android-powered Samsung Gravity phones for free with a new 2-year contract. They come highly recommended for someone looking for a simpler phone than the fancy myTouch 4G.

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