A Very Seinfeld Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein

“Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein” is hardly the first comedy horror film, but it must certainly take its place front and center as the prototype by which so many others would come to be compared over the years. Just about anyone who has ever seen an Abbott and Costello movie has seen this particular entry. Strange title, though…there is no Dr. Frankenstein in the movie at all and the Creature that was created by Dr. Frankenstein gets far less screen time than Dracula or the Wolf Man.

Ever since Jerry Seinfeld signed off TV the supporting cast has been floating around in a sea of not quite as goodness. Too bad because the team had chemistry. Rather than a “Seinfeld” reunion, why not do what the team of “A Fish Called Wanda” did? Only, you know…better? When you think about it, Seinfeld and Jason Alexander really were a kind of Abbott and Costello. You had the tall straight guy and the dumpy cowardly kind of guy who is way too crazy about the girls.

The Farrelly Brothers are making a “Three Stooges” movie in which the Three Stooges are characters to be assayed by new actors. What if someone remade “Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein” as a comedy in which Abbott and Costello were characters rather than actors playing characters? And what better comedy team to play Abbott and Costello as characters than Seinfeld and Alexander?

Put a merciful end to Julia Louis Dreyfuss’ awful experiment as Christine and give Michael Richards the shot at redemption that all Hollywood players get. Richards would be a great choice to play the Wolf Man character and Dreyfuss could either of the female characters. Or, better yet, let the former Elaine Benes really stretch the limits of imagination by giving her the plum role of Dracula.

Actually, you know who would be perfect for the role of Dracula in a A Very Seinfeld Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein? The guy who played Peterman: John O’Hurley. If you stick Dreyfuss into one of the female roles, then you could draft the amazing Patrick Warburton out of the wilderness of that TV show he’s on that hardly anybody knows he’s on and cast him in the role of the guy who competes with Costello for the attentions of the girls.

Yeah, it’s all coming together nicely. Remaking “Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein” with an all-Seinfeld cast. Genius, really. Thanks.

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