Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers Played the Best Mick Vick Ever to Win the Super Bowl

The most feared player in Professional Football before his dog-fighting sandal (Michael Vick) got played to its best in the last Super Bowl by Aaron Rodgers. He did not have the true running speed of Michael Vick, nor did he have the long-range passing skills of Mr. Vick. What Mr. Rodgers had was the fear produced by Mick Vick when he was at his best on the football field. Aaron Rodgers became the Defensive Coordinator’s worst nightmare. His ability to run at critical times made a mockery of the best defensive plans created. Passing the football to his great receivers became easier because of his threat to run at any time, and he could run. Mr. Rodgers was better than Michael Vick at reading defenses. This ability made defensive plans a feast for him. His “Tight End” became the invisible man in all of the defensive plans made to stop the Green Bay Packers. Mr. Rodgers could pass the football to him with the skills of a plastic surgeon leaving a needed facelift on all Defensive Coordinators.

Maybe the Offensive Coordinator of the Philadelphia Eagles and the Head Coach saw the greatest performance of a Michael Vick at the last Super Bowl; the professional football world did. Turning the most feared player in professional football into a pure “Pocket Passer,” was a treat to all Defensive Coordinators to feast on. There was no fear. The Philadelphia Eagles had Michael Vick scared to run. The Offensive Coordinator of the Eagles dream of Michael Vick’s performance was just too easy to defend. All he did was cause confusion to his offense. Did the last Super Bowl teach you anything sir?

The worst fear to Defensive Coordinators can be played by the real Michael Vick. How does it feel, Mr. Vick, to see Aaron Rodgers play you to perfection to win the Super Bowl? Will your coaches play you less than the true Michael Vick? The new football season has its door wide open to us all. In the real world, people copy what becomes number one.” Who better to copy than yourself,” and nobody can play Michael Vick better than Michael Vick. I know a lot of people hate what Mr. Vick did, but show me a person who had a life of pure perfection. If God can forgive; then, so can we. The greatest performance at a Super Bowl was played by the greatest Michael Vick actor ever.

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