Deep within the Alcoholic abyss is where the damned Leviathan lies. Mouth of hell? it does not look like it. It looks as if it should be pitied. For it is trapped here just as we are. Forever to be the villain, the scapegoat, the damned. never to live as the hero, the triumphant, the holy. I feel sorry for it. As you know we have the chance to bring forth darkness and light, when you are raised in shadow the light seems frighting and overbearing. this creature shall not be damned for gods trail will always be bias. He swims in the ocean made from our tears he knows us only from our forgotten fears. The Leviathan is feared because of gods infallible word. which has been proven wrong time and time again. if being immersed in the waters washes sin. Don’t you think it is time for the rising and embrace he who has been the first to drown he whom is king of the waters he who is the ruler of tears.

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