Acrylic Skins for Halloween Decorations

How many times have you opened up a bottle of paint and find a chunk of dried-out paint around the cap? With acrylic paints, you can put that dried-out paint to use. When acrylic dries, it becomes like a “skin” which can be handled and is flexible. You can create shapes and press them on objects, such as a glass plate or vase.

To create the crafts in the pictures, you will need the following supplies:

Acrylic paint
Clear acrylic sealer
Acrylic crackle finish
Crystal acrylic paint (optional)
Parchment or wax paper
Stencils to copy or trace (optional)
Glass plate (candle) and/or glass jar or vase

What to do:

To make the vase in picture 3, paint pumpkins, leaves, etc on the parchment paper to the appropriate size you need. Be sure to use very thick layers of paint. Allow to dry for 24 hours. You can add the crystal acrylic paint into the colors if you want some sparkle.

Once the paint is dry, very carefully peel the paint off the parchment paper. Press the objects on the vase and cover with the acrylic crackle finish and allow to dry. This will hold the objects in place as well. Once dry, add a sealer coat to prevent the crackle layer from flaking off. This is NOT food safe!

To make the glass plate in picture 4, follow the above steps but squirt a large puddle of acrylic paint on the parchment paper first. Spread it around to the size and shape you need to cover the bottom of the plate. Add drops of other colors and use the paintbrush to swirl. Once you get the color scheme you want, allow to dry for 24 hours. Carefully peel the acrylic skin off the paper and place on top of the plate. Now you can add the crackle and/or sealer finish to the plate. This is NOT food safe!


If you are not good at painting, you can cut out shapes when the paint is dry.

Be sure the paint is very thick, especially around the edges. It will make peeling the paint off the paper much easier.

Stick the shapes on a window.

Acrylic paint is not washable so be sure to protect your workspace. Kids love to help peel off their acrylic skin and hold their paintings in their hands (see picture 5).

Happy crafting!


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