All About Growing the American Beautyberry

The American beautyberry is also known as the French mulberry. It is botanically known as Callicarpa americana. Native to the United States, it is a member of the verbena family of plants.

American Beautyberry Description

Growing three to five feet high and three to five feet wide, this perennial shrub could get as high as 9 feet if in perfect conditions. There is deciduous yellow-green fall leaves and purple or white clusters of fruits. They are berry-like and stay past the falling of the leaves. Bark begins red-brown and ages to a light brown color. It is smooth. Flowers are small and in clusters at the base of the leaves. They are pink in color with a bloom season between May and July.

Growing Guide

Grow the American beautyberry in partial shade with a moist rich soil. It is cold and heat tolerant. Propagate by seeds, root cuttings, division, and softwood tip cuttings.


This native is found in the states of Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland, Missouri, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia. Typically, it is seen in woodlands, coastal plains, and the swamp edges.

American Beautyberry Herbal Remedy

The Native Americans used this for a sweat bath to treat fevers, malaria, and rheumatism. The roots and leaves were used. A root tea was used for stomach aches and dysentery while a root and berry tea was used for colic.

Other Uses

This does well as an understory shrub or for edges of landscapes. It is a food plant for many small wildlife creatures and it is attractive to butterflies and birds.

Source: NPIN

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