Apollo 18; A Movie Review

The movie Apollo 18 is scheduled for release in local theaters on September 2, 2011. Decades-old found footage from NASA’s abandoned Apollo 18 mission, where two American astronauts were sent on a secret expedition, reveals the reason the U.S. has never returned to the moon.

The movie is shot in Paranormal Activity type of film footage. It is being sold as 100 percent real. Although we know, it isn’t. Conspiracy fans will love this film. It suggests why Apollo 19 and 20 were really cancelled. The film uses archival footage from previous Apollo missions to make the film look authentic.

Adding to this film is a story that surfaced in 2007. The movie is in some ways built around this story. this is why it will appeal to conspiracy lovers. The movie was budgeted at just $5 million. It was produced in Canada and is directed by Gonzalo Lopez- Gallego.

My Take
After reading a few of the spoiler reviews, I came to the conclusion that not a lot is known about this film. If you like Sci-fi/horror, this could be for you. However, with all the movies that have been out and more on the horizon, this film could easily get lost.

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