App-aholic: Some IPhone Apps Are Just Necessary for Survival

I am sure that we can all agree that some phone apps are necessary no matter what type of phone you own. The calculator and alarm clock: really, does anyone actually own either of these items outside of what is installed on the phone? Honestly, I don’t; they take up too much space and collect too much dust. What about the apps available to the Apple and DROID markets; some of these little suckers are so awesome that once you have installed them you begin to wonder how you survived before you knew of their existence. Turns out I have dozens of little apps I just don’t know what I would do without them on my phone. I love them so much I am going to share them with you; just remember to pay the good deed forward.1) MyGPA: This app is easy to use; you add each class, the number of credits for the class, and the letter grade. It will automatically calculate your GPA. I take mine a step further. I add future classes with sample grades to determine what grades I must receive in order to maintain a certain GPA. 2) KJV Bible: Created by This is an audio Bible; you can choose the version of the Bible easiest to understand, copy, paste, highlight, and bookmark verses. The app also has a reading schedule for those who read the Bible from cover to cover on a yearly basis. 3) Financial Institutions: To protect my financial privacy I won’t give specifics but many prominent banks and credit cards companies have apps to make life a little bit more convenient for their customers. I am always forgetting to pay a bill or constantly need to check my balance so these apps are a must for me. They are also PIN protected so no need to worry about someone hacking you unless they have your PIN. 4) Pogo & Words with Friends: Sometimes I just need to veg-out and this is my way of doing so; it’s also the way I keep myself busy when I’m waiting to be seen by the doctor or getting the oil in my car changed. 5) P Tracker Lite: This is an awesome little app. You can track your periods, fertility, and intimate dates; you can also add moods and symptoms to track how you were feeling before, during, and after your period. Of course, in the nature of all things private you can lock it with a PIN because, after all, you wouldn’t want your mother or kids to pick up your phone and see that you and your man are humping like bunnies or should be sleeping in Flintstone beds (twin beds for those wondering). 6) Media apps: I have a folder for all my entertainment. In that folder, I have my iPod, which is maxed out with songs and podcasts. I have Pandora radio for easy listening or just to set a romantic mood and Netflix is awesome when I want to watch a movie when everyone else is in bed or I’m on a roadtrip. Then I have my Focus on the Family app which is great for catching up on their broadcasts while I’m working out in the gym. Fandango allows me to see when, where, and what movies are playing at any given location. 7) Plugged In: This is a wonderful app; after we have checked Fandango for movie times and locations, we can check Plugged In to see if the movies is actually one we would approve of; this is a completely unbiased movie review that gives honest feedback as to sexual content, language, violence, and substance abuse in movies. 8) Transposer: Transposer is by far the best app I have ever paid for out of all three apps I’ve ever paid for. You add the chords of a song and press a button to transpose the song up or down however many steps you want. There’s no more counting keys to find the appropriate chord. 9) Gas Buddy: Tired of paying for gas then driving a minute down the road to see you could have paid 10cents less a gallon? This wonderful little app allows you to see what gas stations nearby are charging for a gallon of liquid gold. Gas prices are updated frequently. This is a pay it forward app: since someone was courteous enough to list the most current price you are trusted to do the same if you see the price if different when you pull up to the tank because we all know that the prices can rise faster than they fall. 10) Pic2Shop: Absolutely the most wonderful app for comparison shopping. Simply scan the barcode and different prices will appear for different stores. It has been my experience that stores will match the price that comes up on the phone, which means that you wouldn’t have to leave with the product.

I have definitely come to the conclusion that I am completely lost without my iPhone.

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