Are Christians Afraid of the Dark?

A while back, a supposedly intelligent and well known person claimed that heaven is not real and claimed that it was only for those who are afraid of the dark. Are Christians afraid of the dark? You bet we are, afraid of a spiritual darkness that if we choose to live in it will send us to hell forever.

Everyone should be afraid of the dark, unless they have the light. See, the light shines in the darkness. You stumble and fall when you’re in the dark. When you are in the dark it is difficult to see. Sometimes you can’t. Much of what is illegal, such as prostitution, takes place in the dark. Why does a lot of illegal activity take place in the dark? Because those doing what is illegal, especially those who know it is illegal, have something to hide. They are hiding what they are doing under cover of darkness.

Light exposes what is in the dark. When you walk in the light, you can see a predator coming. If you walk in the light you can see if there is a bush or branch in the way along the path. Light helps you along the way, darkness covers and hides what is in the way. In the light, even if you do stumble and fall, you can see to get back up. In the dark, you can’t see without the light.

See, you need light to see in the dark, and those who believe in heaven and walk with the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ want their light to shine, but if we walk with Jesus we can see through the darkness, and the truth is that the real problem isn’t that Christians are afraid of the dark, but statements by people who claim that those who believe in heaven are afraid of the dark are ignoring one thing, probably intentionally. They are afraid of the Light. They don’t want their evil deeds exposed.

People who want and desire to walk in darkness as John 3:18-21 clearly indicates have no desire to come to the light. Christians do need a guide to walk through the darkness, and by coming to the light we are able by God’s grace to repent of our evil deeds and see through the darkness by the light.

Light exposes darkness. Light enables one to see through the darkness. And light enables one to walk even though it is dark all around them, because light shines in the darkness and exposes evil deeds.

Heaven is real and those who understand scripture know that the 1st heaven is the sky above us. God created the heavens (plural) and the earth (singular). So, in one sense, to claim that heaven does not exist is to claim that the sky does not exist. Jesus is the light of the world, He can help you see in dark. Have you accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior, will you accept Him into your heart today?

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