Atlantis Sleeps No More!

The two-story, blue Victorian house with white trim located in the College Hill area of Wichita, Kansas is not a home regarded as housing a secret. This is the home of Dr. Richard Arlin, 45 yrs old, medium length brown hair, clean shaven, wire rimmed glasses, medium build and height. Arlin, a bio-engineer at Wichita State University, developed the latest technology – medical breakthroughs – in replacement surgery and its related components like hips, bones and potentially human organs.

The doctor, and his family, were at home having a late night dinner.

“Dad, how are the preliminary tests going?” Ricky Arlin asked. Ricky, the 16 year old son of Dr. Arlin, has the good looks of an Abercrombie model with long brown hair, clear blue eyes, athletic build and is a little taller than his father.

“We recently ran into a problem with the coding, which can cause the manipulated DNA to break apart. We believe it has to do with the Introns, that section of human genetic code that has no determinable purpose,” Dr. Arlin stated matter-of-factually. “We haven’t figured how to bind the sequences with other components, let alone fully understand the problem at hand.”

“Isn’t that the junk DNA dad?” Saley (Saylee) Arlin asked, as her mother stared at her 12 year old daughter. Saley is blond, grey-blue eyes, slender yet athletic young lady who likes to wear jeans or dresses equally.

Kary Arlin, the 39 year old mother of these precocious children hesitated, “Sal, where did you learn about junk DNA?” she asked. “At school?” Kary is like an older version of her daughter with blue eyes, and a curvy body that still retained the college cheerleader she once was.

“No Mom, I dream about them. They remind me of the Velcro sound.” Saley replied, laughingly remembering.

At that same moment we hear a choking sound from Dr Arlin who had spit his peas everywhere. Of course this caused everyone to laugh because one lone pea, half-chewed, landed right in the middle of Kary’s forehead as she crossed her eyes trying to view the intimate result of the indiscretion at the dinner table.

Suddenly, Saley and Ricky both stop laughing and simultaneously looked almost straight up towards the vintage tin ceiling. Saley, with a scowl on her face, whispers to Ricky, “I don’t like being watched.” “Neither do I; this should stop prying eyes,” said Ricky still staring upwards.

High above that house is a HTVS-11R satellite scanning for unusual activity in the mid-west of the United States. The Human Trans-Thermal Viewing Satellite (HTVS) was developed from research by Dr. Evian Remould (Reemood) of France and Dr. Rebecca Atchinson of the United States. Having been created, and mostly paid, for by President Reagan’s Star Wars Campaign, it was soon taken over for a short time by the CIA and then transferred to the DSS (Department of Science & Space) under the UN Global Campaign and Senior Presidents Bush’s watch with additional monies. Nine active satellites send information real-time to a computer, a CRAY, located in Washington D.C. The CRAY then scans the information received and routes data to a windowless office located in the basement of the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) located at 1400 Independence Avenue. Little did the USDA, and more recently the NIFA (National Institute of Food & Agriculture) – a subdivision of the USDA – know that they have been used to track human genetic dispersion through the food supply for the past 150 years.

“Roger!” hollered a man sitting at a computer console inside that small room with no windows. “Get your ass over here now.” Special Agent Thermopolis Adams-Syth, the man at the computer, is a special agent for the DSS . He is of mixed African American and Native American heritage, with clear blue eyes, medium height and build, and carried a sense of knowledge where none may be seen.

“What the hell is the problem now Therm?” growled Roger Vinklewaite, also a special agent for the DSS. Roger,a tall, slender man with black hair and brown eyes, was recruited straight out of the University of Maryland into the CIA and then transferred to DSS 2 years ago.

“C’mon Rog,” groaned Therm. “Seriously, we now have a 10th recordable event in the past 60 days that we have received from our Hot-Vi (HTVS-11R) over Wichita, Kansas of all places!” Both agents were on their first rotation duty for the month manning the satellite information station in Washington, D.C. Still experimental, the HTVS-11R, the result of decades of research, and at least 6.5 billion dollars in recent expenditures, was actually picking up a distinct event that should not be appearing at all.

As this is the 10th action report the agents were required to report the incident directly to the Director of the DSS. The decision to report this, and thus disrupting the director’s night, had to be made soon. Neither Therm nor Roger wanted to make that call.

Ultimately, the decision was made for both of them when the HTVS-11R’s alarms loudly went off. When they both quickly looked at the satellite’s control board it showed that all power had been lost shutting down the entire satellite. They knowingly looked at each other and Therm called General Dresden Hallowell, the DSS director.

“Yes sir, reaction reached and confirmed,” stated Therm, “but we lost complete capability with HSTV-11R.”

Quietly, General Hallowell’s queried, “Do you have any clue as to what the trigger was that shut down the satellite?”

“No sir, not at this time.” replied agent Thermopolis Adams-Syth, “and sir, this is the first loss of ability on any satellite in our Global Network.”

“Agent, both of you please bring the report directly to me at my office in an hour. DO NOT talk to anyone else about the situation. I will have a new job for you then,” ordered General Hallowell.

“Yes sir,” said Therm. As he lowered the phone he looked a Roger and said, “We have a new job. Knowing Hallowell it will not be joy ride.”

“Maybe we will find out what all this BS is all about for once and all. I am so tired of the rumors that we’re looking for ‘Aliens among us’ crap,” grumbled Roger.

By the next afternoon both agents found themselves in a military transport plane heading to McConnell AFB in Wichita, KS to meet with a Dr. Arlin at Wichita State University.

“How are we going to get him to let us explore his house?” asked Roger.

“The Director left that to our discretion,” stated Therm, “although he does have troops that will have to come with us. Did you tell them to wear civilian clothes?”

While Roger and Therm were landing at McConnell AFB, a separate group of five men, dressed in dark blue suits, stepped out onto the concourse at Wichita Mid-Continent Airport. They met with two women, a tall woman dressed in a similar suit, and an average height woman in an elegant dress.

“Good afternoon gentlemen, I pray you have come prepared to take care of our situation?” said Atheryn Holdaring, the tall woman, who was recently assigned to the UN committee on Global Human Policy.

The tallest of the men answered in perfect German, “Ya, wir sind daruber informiert worden!” (Yes, we have been informed!)

“Good, let us collect our prizes then,” Miss Ghuolg (Gu’log) stated emphatically as she turned to go. She was physically unique: a long almost symmetrical face, perfect aquiline nose, black eyes and curly dark hair. She looked like she stepped out of an ancient painting of a Roman Queen.

Meanwhile, on the east coast General Hallowell was en route to a rescheduled dinner with his wife when his secured cell phone rang.

“Hallowell,” he answered. The General listened intently to what the caller had to say.

“Yes, I understand. I will be there first thing in the morning,” he replied sullenly and slowly closed the phone.

“Who was that Den?, ” his wife asked.

“Just someone I thought I would never have to meet.” Concern etched itself across the General’s face as he struggled to hide the underlying fear. “I have failed my mission, Washington’s Vision might be coming true.”

Agents Adams-Syth and Vinklewaite traveled on North Buff street through College Hill in Wichita scanning addresses looking for Dr. Arlin’s residence. Agent Adams-Syth had made it a point to set up the meeting with Dr. Arlin. When he mentioned Dr. Rebecca Atchinson’s name Dr. Arlin was ready to listen.

Dr. Atchinson is a remote viewing scientist and is well versed in optics. Not much is known about her personally except that she worked on special projects at the Pentagon and with the JPL (Jet Propulsion Lab), including the HSTV system of satellites. Her last location was in Wichita, Kansas in the “Black Hole” rumored to part of the Boeing group of companies making or researching new missile technology. Dr. Atchinson disappeared within a week after Dr. Remould’s untimely death.

The two agents pulled up to the Arlin’s house where there were 3 men setting up unusual tripods around the front yard of the house. Adams-Syth looked approvingly at the set-up.

“Is everything ready? he asked. “The Council’s team will be here soon,” he stated putting a finger to his left ear as if listening.

Vinklewaite looked over to Adams-Syth, “What hell is going on Therm? he asked. “This was not part of the briefing the General gave us.”

“Rog, you might want to sit on the porch and watch,” stated Adams-Syth. “It will be safer.”

Vinklewaite started reaching for his gun but stopped short as the 3 gentlemen in the yard already had him targeted with what looked like thin flashlights.

“Go sit down Rog. I don’t work for DSS nor any government. I work with a group of remarkable scientists, historians, humanitarians and a direct line of those who caused the United States to be created.” Adams-Syth stated matter-of-factually.

Down the road two jet black SUV came rushing towards the house. Adams-Syth pushed Vinklewaite to the porch and made sure everyone else was behind the tripods. One of the other men pushed a button and a whine started and disappeared. Vinklewaite’s skin began to tingle while his hairs on his arm stood up.

Dr. Arlin, his wife along with Ricky and Saley came out to watch.

“Is it time to leave yet dad?” asked Saley.

“And go where? asked Kary Arlin.

“We are going to have to leave for awhile to a safe place. We must protect our children as they are the future and the key to mankind’s survival.” stated Dr. Arlin

Dr. Arlin looked over the men at the house and quickly picked out Agent Adams-Syth.

“You must be Adams-Syth of Dr. Atchinson’s Consortium?” he asked, “you look very familiar yet unique to everyone here.”

Before Adams-Syth could answer the two SUV’s pulled up loudly, the doors opening to reveal five men in dark blue suits with sunglasses and two stunning women, one in a suit and another in a form fitting dress. They climbed out with weapons pulled. As they walked toward to the seemingly unarmed group on the porch one of the suited men went flying backwards into the SUV.

“Back-off!” yelled Miss Ghuolg.

Atheryn ran to the injured man. After taking his pulse and finding he was just knocked out she looked towards Miss Ghuolg and then directly at Adams-Syth who was standing front and center on the lawn.

“You will need to leave now Anahita!” stated Adams-Syth.

“You dare speak my name in front of these monkey’s you Son of Man!” growled Miss Ghuolg.

Adams-Syth fixed his suit, stood straight, and looked into Anahita Ghuolg’s eyes.

“This message you must relay to Marduk and his followers,” replied Adams-Syth. “This Earth will no longer be his to control for its riches. For Atlantis Sleeps No More! We the Sons of Man, along with our brethren, will reclaim this Earth in the name of all free kind. The Ancient Teachers’ message has been unlocked for those who shall inherit the stars. We now leave you in peace and without death,” said Adams-Syth as the air around everyone in the yard began smelling of ozone.

“Fire. Fire!” yelled Anahita.

Her men began firing their weapons as Atheryn was having a hard time following what was happening and what she was hearing. She watched the people in the yard, including Dr. Arlin and his family, disappear as if a curtain was being pulled over the yard. When they were gone Anahita Ghuolg was still ranting about losing the Doctor and his family. Atheryn could only assume something major on a world wide scale was getting ready to happen.

Actually most of it has already happened. This is just the finale of an Ancient War; only this time Humankind actually could find their true place in the Universe.

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