Autism and Animation: 3 Tips to Engage Your Child

More and more children are being diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The ability to progress academically is individualized. The child’s willingness to socialize may not label them as social butterflies, but having an animated personality allows them to see a vivid, colorful world that most can’t imagine.

As a mother of a son with Autism Spectrum Disorder, I have 3 tips to share that will make life easier for you and engage your child as well. Tip #1: Listen to what your child is saying. My son knows right away if I’m not totally engaged in HIS conversation. Actively listening, allows him to express his thoughts and ideas, and builds his confidence. It also addresses difficulties in the area of communication, social skills and behavior. Tip #2: Buy Lego or any other form of creative expression to get those animated stores out in the open. My son calls himself the master builder. He uses the different Lego worlds to express the battles, heroes and villains in his stories. Tip #3: Video tape your child’s final creation, or catch them in the act. Another fun activity is to record the story as they are talking. Imagine the sense of accomplishment when your child can see their story in print. My son loves watching the movies that star him. We are working to turn one of his adventures into a book that he can read over and over.

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