Banish Winter Beauty Blues with Stylish Tips

Resist the winter beauty blahs this year by adding some bling to your wardrobe, showing some shoulder cleavage and looking great in your jeans. Who says you have to pack on extra pounds or spend the winter months hiding embarrassing dry skin? Not I! Make transitioning back to the bikini less frenetic by being figure-vigilant and full-on holiday stylish.

Try these stylish tips and say keep beauty blues away, for good.

Sport a stack of shimmering bracelets. Push up the sleeves of a tan, black or green sweater. Pile on a variety of sparkling accessories. This makes an expensive personal wardrobe touch that’s simply beautiful anytime of the year. Add one silver, one gold, then one jeweled bangle until your arm is full of accessories. This year, there can’t be too much when it comes to bracelets.

Beat the winter blahs by adding contrasting color to your hair. Contrary to popular belief, the end of summer doesn’t mean the end of the golden highlights. Add low lights to make hair look more voluminous. Lighten your look with well placed highlighted chunks, a feather extension in pink or a carefully chosen hairpiece.

Polish dry skin weekly to keep flakes at bay. For the best results, choose a body scrub with a fine exfoliating base. Don’t choose hard, rocky salt scrubs that will rip skin and dry it out. Finish this blah-banishing treatment with a relaxing soak with body oils. A sandalwood, vanilla or cedar essential oil will make a nice bathing elixir for your body.

Pick classic pieces for your winter wardrobe. Confidence is beautiful; look and feel lovely with jeans that fit your figure. You might have to make a day of it, but findi the perfect blue jeans for winter wear. You’ll be attending a lot of casual events too and you want to look great.

Also, show off your shoulders this year. Give them a polish and a nourishing oil treatment to make them shine. Wear that off the shoulder sweater or go completely off the shoulder for an ultra sexy winter look. If off the shoulder is too provocative for you, banish the winter beauty blahs by wearing a v-neck or criss-cross sweater in a flattering color.

Avoid parkas if possible. Choose fitted coats that aren’t rough on your skin. Enjoy your winter outdoors but protect your skin from cold winter sun. Wear a sunscreen every day to keep age spots away.

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