Basic Principle of Atkins Diet

The Atkins diet is old and well known diet. It started in ’70s and became very popular in past few years because more and more people every day look for low fat diet.Most people have troubles applying those diets, they wanted a solution and that is where Dr. Atkins’ book called “New Diet Revolution” comes into play.

People started doing Atkins diet in mass because it products good results.But do you know what are the basics of Atkins diet solution?

The diet itself is based on research on why do we get fat. Research leaded to some interesting consultations,consuming carbo-hydrates and sugar will end up in gaining weight. For weight gain its more important how your body deals with calories and sugar you eat than with actual amount you put in your body. “New Diet Revolution”, he is focusing on phenomena that doctors call “insulin resistance.” He claims that most people with weight problem have cells that are not functioning as they are supposed to.

If you eat to much sugars and carbo-hydrates your body will figure that there is lift in sugar level in your body. it release Insulin for purpose of storing those sugars as glycogen as extra energy stash for later use. Problem with that is your body have limit on storing glycogen in one time. Once limit is reached, Rest carbohydrates will be stored as fat. This process is not body dependent and this will happen to all people that put to much carbohydrates and sugars in their body.

But,if you are one of those people that are resistant to insulin you will have even more troubles with storing those extra amounts of carbohydrates. you body became more resistant as its exposed to more insulin. This happens because of natural body function to protect itself from toxins.So it create even more fat.

Because of that people that are resistant to insulin gain more fat than other people. Carbohydrates you put in your body will instead of being translated into energy will end up as fat. There are other effects like fatigue, so called brain “fog” (Losing ability to focus on things, Memory decrease,creativity lack), Blood sugar gets very low, intestinal bloating, you feel sleepy and depressed.Being insulin resistant brings more problems than just simple weight gaining.

The cure for people that are resistant to insuline is to lower the amounts of carbohydrates they input in their body. That is the essence of Atkins diet “restriction of carbohydrates in all ways and forms.if you plan to apply Atkins diet be ready to give up a lot of food you like including simple sugars like cookies, sodas and sweets and more complex ones including like bread, rice and grains and some more.It also restrict some carbohydrates that are considered to be good for your health.

If applying this diet make sure you are ready to cut input of carbohydrates to 40 grams or less per day.What this does is, it switch your body in ketosis state. In this state your body will use fat gained as fuel.Atkins claim ,that state is also affecting production of insulin and with that its stooping your body to product more fat.As its not producing more fat you body will use existing fat as fuel which will result you losing weight.
Also one good thing about this diet it will lower your hunger for carbohydrates.
Initial states of Atkins diet are pretty strict , His plan will help you to gain balance in input of carbohydrates and your health.

Many other diet plans that use reduction of carbohydrates are based on this diet,but Atkins diet popularity will remain for long time because it produces more result than others as its more strict.

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