Beat the Valentine Blues

As Valentines approaches, countless females begin to experience sensations of emptiness in their hearts. Since the dawn of time, February 14th causes hopeless romantics to divulge their love to their significant other, but what if you find yourself without a mate? Tragedy may strike. Luckily, multiple solutions can ease the pain.

First, call up your single girlfriends. You can bet they purchased a pound of chocolate candies and, unlike any other day, willing to share.

Second, avoid making reservations tonight. Every restaurant within a thirty mile radius of your city will be overflowing with zombies of love. Also, ignore your diet. Your friends won’t look down on you for ordering enough Chinese takeout for two, or three.

Third, rent a slasher film. A romantic comedy may cause you to recall precious moments with a previous lover. However, a violent movie about a deranged serial killer shouldn’t remind you of your ex-boyfriend and if perhaps it does, thank goodness the sociopath no longer sleeps beside you.

And last but not least, treat yourself to a gift. For once you won’t need to pretend you love a six foot bear holding an oversized heart. Not exactly the sophisticated touch your fancy apartment needed.

Thankfully, Valentines passes as quickly as it arrives. In the meantime, fill the void in your heart with the compassion of your friends.

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