Braking News:Oakland Ca.Police Brutality Hits Rock Bottom Caught on Tape!

According to the TV interview on “Countdown” with Keith Olbermann, today, once again Oakland Ca. PD lost control on #4 Occupy Day 52.
The uncalled for attack on an innocent photographer by police with a rubber bullet has sparked outrage and national attention from the vidoe released by the victim himself, Scott Campbell.

Scott Campbell told Olbermann that it was a calm scene when a police officer told him to step back from the line. Campbell who had a peace sign in one hand and a small camera shoot in the other was filming the scene. According to Campbell, he asked the police officer twice “Is this OK, is this OK” as he stepped back several feet from the line. The police did not respond, but several seconds later attacked Campbell by firing a rubber bullet at him when he resumed filming. The whole incident was caught on Campbell’s own video. Since Campbell released a video of the incident on YouTube, Occupy protesters are appalled by the brutality used by the police force.

According to Campbell, “It was a calm scene, there was no warning or order to dispurse”.
It seems to have been an unprovoked shooting by the very officers who are PAID by the very same citizens to serve and protect them!
Campbell has since had no word from the police or city hall about this incident.

At the same time, the incident has received much comparisons to scenes in the West Bank and Isrealli assaults on non violent protesters.
The Oakland police have also been compared to a pack of dogs, who become ‘more violent when together’.
Obermann said to Campbell “It reminds me of some of those black humor comedy sketches where the cop shoots and then says ‘stop or I’ll shoot’ after shooting”.

As a second serious crime by the police in Oakland, this is not going away any time soon.
Earlier, Oakland police and NPR noted that shock and gas granades were used but were uncertain from where they came.
Curious to believe, it could be the demonstartors, who woke up at 3 am to grenade themselves.
How likely is that in every whacky sense?!

And than there is drag queen, Michele Bachmann, the grand daddy of them all, who recently made a comment that if people don’t work, they shouldn’t eat. Boy, does she have a ‘Hitler heart’ in the making and the audacity to run for president!

And to think we send our American troops to the middle east and beyond to protect the innocent protesters from violent government brutality, when the same thing is happening in our own cities by state governments. Perhaps we need our soldiers right here to protect the non violent protesters from enforcement brutality.

Do check out the YouTube video for yourself and send in your take whatever it may be, the good, the bad the ugly!


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