Brick from the Detroit Olympia Stadium is an Ultimate Sports Treasure

During it’s existence, The Olympia Stadium played host to an array of sporting events. The Detroit Pistons played in the building from 1957-1961. The NBA All-Star Game was hosted in the building in 1959, and the NCAA Frozen Four was hosted in the building in 1977 and 1979.

Detroit Olympia holds the most significance for me, however, because it was home to the Detroit Red Wings for more than 50 years. The Red Wings played in Detroit Olympia from 1927-1979.

As a life-long fan of the Detroit Red Wings, I’m honored to be an owner of a brick from the Detroit Olympian stadium. In my house, the brick has received a special place of honor. Encased in a glass box with a plaque along the bottom, the brick sits front and center on the shelf with all of my Detroit Red Wings memorabilia.

The brick is special to me because it represents the tradition and history behind the Red Wings organization. That brick was part of the building that Gordie Howe played in. That brick stood by as the Red Wings won their first seven Stanley Cups.

It also endured the Red Wings draught during the ’60s and ’70s. That brick stood by as the Red Wings turned into the Dead Things; as fair-weather fans fell off the wagon.

The brick stood by as the Red Wings history and tradition grew, as the National Hockey League grew, and as the Red Wings struggled to find a new identity.

The brick was witness to more than 50 years of history in the organization and the league, and for those reasons, it’s more than a simple brick to me. Eventually, in a new building, the Red Wings did find success again.

For me, that brick is a symbol of that success and perseverance. It’s a symbol of a strong foundation, and a symbol of what can be accomplished with hard work and determination.

Most importantly, it’s a piece of history that can’t be replicated, and it’s a reminder of the tradition that holds up the Detroit Red Wings organization.

Sandra Johnson is a life-long Detroit Red Wings fan. Though she no longer lives in the Metro-Detroit area, she still faithfully follows her favorite Detroit teams.

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