Budget Decorating Ideas for 2012

A new year represents a new start. So why not give your living space a new feeling with a few budget decorating ideas? Just focus your attention on decorating projects that have a “Wow!” effect. Your whole room will then feel different. Here are 8 budget decorating ideas for a fresh start in 2012.

1. Create Unique Curtain Tie-Backs

You’ll find strings of ivy or thick decorative ropes at your local craft store. Use them to tie back your curtain in five places, to form a thick column. Use small screw hooks to attach the tie backs to the wall. Be sure to position the tie-backs at equal distances one on top of the other.

2. Refurbish an Old Headboard

Look for a beautiful upholstery fabric at a craft or fabric store. Wrap the fabric around your existing headboard and staple it at the back with a staple gun (or use tacks). If you don’t have a headboard, cut the shape out from thick cardboard and connect the upholstered headboard to the wall.

3. Ornament Old Curtains with Decorative Ribbons

Add zest to old curtains with decorative ribbons. You’ll find stunning ribbons at craft or fabric stores. Use pins to attach the ribbon to the edge of the curtain, then sew the ribbons in place. Next, add more ribbons at equal distances along your curtain from top to bottom.

4. Use a Sea Sponge for an Elegant Look

Instead of repainting or touching up an old room, use a sea sponge to paint a dappled, romantic look. Simply dip the sponge in a paint hue that’s slightly darker than your walls. Then dab the paint on the wall. For added sophistication, add a second shade of paint and alternate the two during application.

5. Turn Old Curtains into New Slipcovers

Look for used curtains at thrift or second hand stores. Wash them, then use the curtains to upholster your old furniture. Simply drape the curtain over your sofa or chair, then tuck it in around the seat cushion. Finally, use a thick ribbon to tie the upholstery around the bottom of your furniture.

6. Light String Decor

For a little brilliance in the winter months, drape white Christmas light strings around mirrors, door casings or windows. The lights take very little electricity, so you can leave them on at all times. If you use your old Christmas lights, this decorating idea will cost you nothing.

7. Switch to Silk

Instead of planting fresh flowers each year, slip silk flowers into your pots. Tulips especially look true to life, and they come in a wide range of colors. You can find cheap silk flowers at craft stores. Or cheaper ones still at thrift stores or dollar stores.

8. Turn Old Shawls into New Window Treatments

Look for old shawls at second hand stores. You can even find new shawls at dollar stores or pharmacies. Drape the shawl over your window as an elegant valance.

Use one or all of these budget decorating ideas to change your living space and give it a fresh, inviting look for the new year.

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