Cafe Poems

Cafe 1

I saw where the preppy twins
Decided to hide.
Maybe they need a new hideout
To stare at the freaks.
Or perhaps they play
And feel better that way
Pretending they’re me;
Day tripping to be like me.
They must not ignore the lore of music in them
Because some stare before they pull me down
And as much as they try to
Perhaps they try a bit too sudden
Under shadows of night
Grey smoke by cafe
No moonlit streets.

Cafe 2

I had to go where the silences grow
Because where voices are soundless,
There was someone to listen.
Practice those four chords a day
I’ll be alright someday
Sappy and good.
Good sugar good.
And now when I tremble no more on the stage
I watch the deserted York Road lights fade
And I think of all the people sipping nut hot chocolate
At Cafe 1 pretending to be real.

Cafe 3

They never turn the music off
Latte Grande Latte baby!
Are your drinks supposed to turn me on?
They never bring out candlelight
Latte Grande Latte baby!
Or the delicious Vanilla Cream Soda.
Their stage is the businessworld,
With newspapermen and sixteen year olds
Who just learned how to drive on the busiest of highways.
And someone might lend an ear to a song
But you’re committing a crime;
To sit in our bubbles and say we’re socializing here
Which is more than I say for the second cafe.

Cafe 4

Rotted out couches
Where smoking is banned
I wished I could stay to make
Friends and watch the old tower go.
Complimentary newspapers
And clearly holding memories
Long after marching soldiers did
Caress this town with lasting strife.
Here you can collect coupons
Adding up to a free Melvin or two
And the people are homlier than in Cafe 3
And parking in an alley and being away
From home is the best it ever gets in Gettysburg.

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