California Democrats Call Out Obama Over Foreclosures

Amidst Occupy Wall Street protests that are gaining global attention-and are leading to arrests in places such as San Francisco-many people throughout the country are fed up with the Obama Administration. Although some may blame Obama for the current economic distress and stagnation, others would blame the political parties that seem unable to agree on anything nowadays. Regardless of the position, one thing seems to remain true-something must be done to alleviate the stress.

Those in California are doing a lot more than merely protesting and blocking a Wells Fargo bank entrance, the state’s Democrats are actively calling for help in the foreclosure arena. The target of their call? President Barack Obama.

Even those in Obama’s own party are getting sick and tired of the lack of effort to assist their struggling constituents. Among their desired outcomes includes a “Homeowner’s Bill of Rights,” that would help to ensure homeowners are not being taken advantage of by banks. Other initiatives include allowing homeowners to refinance to lower interest rates, even if they owe significantly more on their home than its current value (which has deflated due to foreclosures).

Why are these Democrats so frustrated with the President’s inactions? In their opinion, the economy will simply not advance toward recovery until the foreclosure crisis is dealt with properly. With this point-of-view, the Obama job plan would not be entirely successful (if it can even pass through Congress) unless foreclosures are addressed. In an essence, they believe the Obama Administration is continuously making wrong decisions that are inevitably prolonging the housing crisis and therefore hindering the ability for the United States economy to recover.

It is rather unusual for Democrats to call out the President who is affiliated with their own political party; however, for these California House Democrats, enough is enough and something must be done. After trying to set up a meeting with Joe Biden to discuss the subject and never receiving a response, they felt it was time to draft a letter to Obama himself and draw media attention to the matter.

The state government of California, like many other states, is calling out for help from their county’s government. Their constituents are suffering, they are suffering, and it appears as though the Obama Administration is failing to meet the needs of citizens throughout the country. Even Democrats are stepping up and begging for assistance. Time will tell whether or not Obama will respond to the letter in a manner that restores the “hope” he promised throughout his presidential campaign.

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