Can Getting Liposuction Have a Negative Effect on Your Marriage?

In a world that focuses so much attention on youth, beauty, and weight, getting liposuction might seem like the obvious way to keep a spouse interested, but sometimes things aren’t quite so simple. Personal relationships and feelings are complicated things, and sometimes people have a hard time coping with changes, even changes for the better. Any change in appearance on the part of one spouse–even a relatively minor one–can potentially end up making waves in marriages if the other spouse fees under-appreciated or ignored as a result.

Odd though it may seem, it is not at all uncommon for one spouse to be offended by the other’s desire for cosmetic surgery. They may feel responsible if their partner doesn’t feel attractive, and wonder if they have done something wrong. In some cases, they may also begin to wonder why their loved one is trying so hard–if perhaps their partner doesn’t have faith in the relationship just the way it is-or it can make them think the other is unsatisfied with the intimacy in the relationship or cares too much about being attractive for other people.

Having a spouse suddenly get liposuction can also sometimes make a person feel self-conscious about their own weight or appearance. They may wonder if their spouse is secretly condemning them for any extra weight they are happening to carry, or hoping they will follow suit and get liposuction themselves. On the other end of the spectrum, sometimes the non-liposuctioned spouse may think their partner is being too vain or superficial. The cost of liposuction can also put a strain on a marriage, especially when one partner disagrees about the necessity of it.

Because of all these possible complications, it is important for partners to talk honestly with each other about their wishes and desires with regards to liposuction, rather than simply assuming that of course their partner will feel the same as they.

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