Can I Stand in Your Shadow?

Can I stand in your shadow?
Can you help me see through the fog?
Navigate through the haze to better days
Can I stand in your shadow
and feel the love
Touch you and feel like there is
no one there but the two of us?
Can I stand in your shadow
Feel the pain and the sorrow
Experience the tears
Until they create an endless flow
Drowning together
in paralyzing sadness and fear
Can you lift me up
and let me see the world from above?
Can you let me swing my arms
and feel the freedom?
Wondering aimlessly
the willingness of the wind whispering
around us
creating a mess of tangled hair
but, don’t you worry,
we will navigate through it later
obstacles are trivial
but if you follow through
they can be solved
if only you let me stand in your shadow

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