Candy Making: The Basics

Making candy has always been a favorite past time for families. It is a sweet way to spend time together, especially around the holiday season. To ensure that your candy making turns out the way you planned, follow these tips.


~ Use the proper equipment and have it ready before you start. Simply running to get an item can give your candy enough time to burn.

~ Use high quality materials.

~ Make sure to measure all ingredients and follow the recipe.

~ Do not halve or double a recipe. Instead make two separate batches if you need more. Doubling the recipe changes the cook time and the results.

~ Avoid making candy on days when the humidity is up. Some recipes will refuse to set up if it is humid.

Cooking Tips:

Before you begin, butter the sides of your sauce pan. This will keep the mixture from sticking or climbing the sides of the pan.

Dissolve sugar completely. This should be done when the sugar is added to the mixture and brought to boiling.

Prevent sugar crystals from forming by stirring constantly.

If you do splash liquid up the side of the pan, leave it on the heat for 20 to 45 seconds with the lid on. This will allow the material to melt off the side of the pan.

Do not cover the top of a recipe with milk or molasses, it will foam and steam.

Use a candy thermometer on the side of the pan after the sugar dissolves. This will give you an accurate reading.

Keep the mixture boiling at a steady rate. Our recipes specify the range top temperature. Follow this temperature specification carefully.

What To Do With Your Candy:

After your candy is cooled, it is important to place it in an air tight container or bag to ensure that it stays fresh and dry. As with any candy, if it gets wet, it will start to break down. It can be treated as any other candy once it is cooled.

Gifting candy shows your family and friends that you took the time out to make them something special. Everyone loves getting candy for a gift!

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