Carve Out 5 Minutes a Day for Your Spouse and Your Marriage

There is never enough time in the day. We have work to do. We have bills to pay. We have the house to clean. Once in a while, if we are lucky, we do carve out time for sex. However, do you carve out five minutes or more everyday for your spouse and your marriage? Really think about this question?

Do you actually have a real conversation with your spouse every day? Do you have a real meal with him every day? Do you make any real time for him, every day? Do you wonder how you can do this?

Here are some tips.

Every Night Plan A Five Minute Ritual Together

What type of ritual? You both could enjoy a glass of wine together after the kids are off to bed. You both could watch the evening news together. You could even brush your teeth at the same time or try to talk for five minute in the bed before you turn off the lights, if you are really that busy.

Get Up An Half Hour Early To Have Breakfast Together

If you just can’t carve out time together in the evenings for each other, why not set your alarm clock and have breakfast together. You may even be able to manage to do this before the kids gets up to start thier day. This could be a good time to catch up on each other’s events, share a cup of coffee or if there is enough time, enjoy some grown up play time.

Take a Walk Together Every Morning Or Evening

A couple who walks together can bond together. They can share innermost thoughts. They can share mundane conversation. They can even burn calories together. Yes, this may be hard to do in the winter months. However, it can be doable. Just wrap up warmly or take your walk into a warm mall, just resist the urge to shop.

Take Up a Hobby

Could there be a hobby you and your spouse could share together daily or at least regularly? Could you learn how to cook or bake together? Could you take up a sport or learn how to do yoga together. Having a shared interest, in something you can learn about together, is a great way to keep your relationship and your friendship (yes, married couples should be friends) fresh.

Yes, relationships are hard. Relationships take work. Yet, the best way to keep them fresh and to make them last is to remember to put them first. To do this, we sometimes have to add them to our agendas and onto our must do lists.


Personal experience from being with the same lovely man for 16 years

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