Changing My Ways

All around me are complains

The voices are

This time is tough

Things are costly

What should we do?

Listening to them, I have joined the queue

I complain and complain everyday

But, the more I complain, the tougher things continue to be.

So, I asked myself

Am I becoming better or bitter

Am I signing on, or am signing off

Am I contracting with life, or am resigning

Am I happy complaining or sad?

After my questions, I made my mind

I made it to change many of my thoughts and ways.

I want to be hopeful

I want to look up, not down

I want to go beyond the status quo

These are my choices.

So, life hear me now

Am happy to live and live better, not bitter

I will sign in and not resign

I will be quiet and not quit

I will join the few and not the crowd.

Oh, heaven above me that brings rain

Oh my living God who abides forever

Change is nothing to you

As you bring clouds and rain

I know you will supply mine needs as I move

And, sooner, I will look at my past and laugh at it.

To God is the glory.

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