Chattam & Wells Purchased by Spring Air – Experts Speculate Why

Recently, Spring Air purchased the Chattam & Wells mattress line, but why? What would motivate Spring Air to purchase another mattress line? Like all sell-outs and mergers, there must be some form of motivation. The experts at share their speculations.

Chattam & Wells is a mattress line that is well-known for its comfort features. Multiple zoning, memory foam, and the use of JOMA certified wool are just a few of the measures that Chattam & Wells has used to make comfort a priority. These are also some of the measures that have made Chattam & Wells so popular among mattress shoppers. But according to the site owner of, shoppers may not recognize the comfort of a Chattam & Wells until they actually purchase the mattress and get it home.

“The benefits will not be easily witnessed in a store while spending a few minutes testing out the mattress, but once it is set up in your home, the benefits and qualities will surely impress you,” said the site owner of

This statement indicates that Chattam & Wells is also a mattress of quality. While the statement is not made directly, the statement could definitely be interpreted that way. Few complaints are registered on the site, which also indicates a higher quality, longer lasting mattress.

The mattress review site has conducted several surveys and reviews on the Chattam & Wells luxury mattress line and their data is consistent – Chattam & Wells knows how to do luxury. So why did Spring Air purchase Chattam & Wells? By taking a look at the quality, luxury features and comfort of the Chattam & Wells mattresses, it seems evident that the purpose is customer satisfaction and profit; both of which go hand in hand. Sounds to me like Spring Air made a smart buy.

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