Children Vs. Veggies

We all know that the obesity rate in America amongst children is rising. There are more video games to explore, more TV shows to enjoy, and a lot more greasy and quick snacks to munch on. It has become difficult for parents to get their children to eat right.

Well lets start off by not letting them know what they are eating.
Children love smoothies. Fruits are sweet, and appealing to the eye. A child will find it easy to enjoy a fruit smoothie any day. The best part is that they are so easy to make, as long as you have a blender. What children don’t always have to know is every ingredient in their smoothie. Have you ever tried sneaking in a carrot or maybe even some spinach? Just find whatever fruits and veggies you have in your kitchen and try mixing them in your smoothies. The taste is great.

Do your children like arts and crafts?
Give children a more positive view on veggies. Other than “Veggies are good for you” try saying “Veggies are fun”. There are many ways to create masterpieces on a plate with vegetables. Build a miniature forest and use peanut butter as glue. Be creative, think like a child and have fun.

Easy to reach snacks.
Put the chips away. Keep them far away from children’s reach. Sometimes they crave it because its there. Instead put out something they will enjoy. Baby carrots are so much fun because of their size and because they are crunchy. Instead of putting some cookies out on the table, put a plate of carrots out and whatever dip you prefer.
That way, when your child looks around for a quick snack, he will have healthier options to chose from. It might not work at first, but give it some time.

The trick is to stay positive about eating vegetables. Have them around, learn about them with your children, and show them how much you enjoy eating them as well.

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