Colts Should Look into Garrard

Yes, I know, The Colts already have QB Kerry Collins, but let’s face it; he’s 38 years old. I didn’t see much out of Kerry suggesting he had anything left in the tank at Tennessee. Perhaps that’s why he retired.

Now maybe with an array of receivers, Kerry will turn out to be a better pickup than indicated.

I never had a problem with his signing. He really was the best option Indy had. Then again, that was before the Jacksonville Jaguars cut ties with QB David Garrard…..

Quite Frankly, I’m not sold on Garrard, but I firmly believe if he was with Indy; the Colts have a better chance of making the playoffs than with Collins behind center. After all, he had an above .500 record (39-37) without a high powered offense; something Manning has most of his career.

Garrard, last year, threw 23 TD’s (Career High) and 15 INT’s, also a career high. Keep in mind, he did this with less than stellar Wide Receiver core, with Mike-Sims Walker as his No. 1. Just Imagine what he could do with Wayne, Clark, Collie, and Garcon???

Now apparently, the Seattle Seahawks aren’t interested and the 49ers have indicated any interest either, so that leaves Indy to swoop in for a steal. Therefore, if Kerry Collins isn’t working out, Coach Caldwell could always turn to him. Heck, I’m sure if Garrard was released earlier, he would already be signed and become starter; leaving Kerry Collins still retired. Of course though, it’s just one man’s opinion.

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