Combat Laziness in College With These 3 Tips

When I think of how it was when my parents went to college, I realize just how much today’s college students have it easy. With the rise of technology, it seems that college students are getting much lazier with their schoolwork and their entire approach to college life. Not just technologically, but in many other aspects of their class work. This could say something about their future ability to perform well on the job.

Class Attendance

I’m not sure if they took attendance when my parents received their higher education, but I know now that most professors no longer bother with attendance. They simply say that they “strongly encourage” that you come to class. Students see this as the perfect opportunity to skip class. I know many college students who only attend class on the days they have a quiz or an exam. What does this say about this generation of college students? If they are too lazy to go to class, what else are they going to be too lazy to do?

Tip: Attend Every Class Session: It is important that you try to make it to every class session so that you can avoid falling behind. This will also help you better complete your homework assignments and get better grades on your exams.

Extra Credit

Extra credit is something they give a lot in high school to help students reach graduation even when they are failing a class. But the idea of giving extra credit in college is a relatively new idea. They didn’t give extra credit when my parents were in college, but every college course I have taken recently has given some form of extra credit. It seems that the more “bad” scores professors have to give to their students, the more extra credit they have to give to make up for it. Is this really preparing students for the career they are seeking?

Tip: Do It Right the First Time: Extra credit is basically a second chance for those who didn’t do it right the first time. If you keep your grades up throughout the entire semester, you can use the extra credit opportunity to get an even higher grade.

Lectures on Blackboard

Blackboard is a wonderful website for college students and I have found many great uses for it during my time in college. Professors post homework assignments, grades, announcements, and even class lectures. These class lectures are helpful if you miss a class, but it also allows students to not take notes during class. Taking notes is what helps students stay focused during the class. If they can just find the lectures on Blackboard, then they don’t have to pay attention during class. In fact, they don’t necessarily have to come at all. However, their future career isn’t going to allow them to just skip work whenever they feel like it.

Tip: Use Lectures on Blackboard to Your Advantage: Instead of missing class and getting the lectures from Blackboard, print out the lecture and bring it with you to class. This will allow you to add notes to the lecture as you are listening to your professor.

These are just a few examples of how college students in today’s world are giving “lazy” a new meaning. College is supposed to prepare students for the career of their choice. But is that really what is happening here? I am a college student myself, so I am in this generation of college students who are only giving minimal effort to complete their college work. Is this “laziness” really preparing them for anything useful? Use these tips to help avoid this laziness and create a more meaningful college experience.

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