Consumer Choice: Chiclets, a Chewing Gum Without Aspartame, is Widely Available

Remember Chiclets? A candy coated gum that has been around for over 100 years and still available today, Chiclets is one of the few gums on the market that doesn’t contain Aspartame. It is available in peppermint and other flavors.

In recent years, Aspartame has become a common ingredient in many foods, drinks, candies, and gums. Many processed foods at the grocery store contain aspartame as an artificial sweetener even though the item is not a ‘diet’ item and is not advertised as being sugar free.

With the advent of the internet, information became widely available, and controversy surrounds ingredients such as Aspartame. Both advocates of the product and those warning of its’ harmful effects have websites and videos presenting their views. states “The safety of aspartame has been affirmed by the U.S. FDA 26 times in the past 23 years” and includes a detailed Aspartame myths page.

Snopes says the product is safe and cites people such as Dr. Dean Edell, the FDA, and TIME magazine to back up its’ claims.

The American Cancer Society states “Current evidence does not show any link between aspartame use and increased cancer risk. People with the genetic disorder known as phenylketonuria should avoid foods and drinks that contain aspartame.”
They also have a more detailed Aspartame page which states, in part, “Rumors claiming that aspartame causes a number of health problems, including cancer, have been around for many years. Many of these continue to circulate on the Internet…..One early study suggested that an increased rate of brain tumors in the US during the 1980s might have been related to aspartame use. However, according to the National Cancer Institute (NCI), the increase in brain tumor rates actually began back in the early 1970s, well before aspartame was in use…”

Dr. Joseph Mercola, a licensed physician and best selling author, says “Aspartame is, by far, the most dangerous substance on the market that is added to foods.”

Mike Adams of Natural News, a prolific writer on health and nutrition issues, has an aspartame information page warning readers about the substance.

Dr. Janet Hull, author of SWEET POISON, states on her website “Janet Hull almost died from aspartame poisoning in 1991. She has documented the history of aspartame, government reports and Senate Hearings on aspartame safety, case histories, including death, and provided a list of products aspartame is found in, along with the 92 symptoms of disease aspartame creates. Sweet Poison also includes nutritional recommendations for restoring your health naturally.”

Wikipedia features pages on Aspartame and the Aspartame controvery. .

Oftentimes, it is difficult to find a product without this substance. In addition, Aspartame is known by different brand names such as NutraSweet and AminoSweet, so unless one is careful, they may consume Aspartame without realizing it. Regardless of one’s views on the topic, consumers should be free to choose what they want in their own bodies.

Chiclets brand gum is one of the few gums available that does not contain Aspartame. Chiclets is distributed by Cadbury Adams USA, of Parsippany, NJ. The webpage states “On February 2, 2010, Cadbury became part of Kraft Foods. Please visit our corporate internet site, to learn more.”

Wikipedia has pages on Cadbury and Chiclets. Here is a history of Chiclets gum.

The ingredients on the Chiclets package are listed as: “sugar , gum base, glucose syrup, modified food starch, natural flavoring, soy lecithin, candella wax and BHT (to maintain freshness).” The chiclets box states that consumers can call 1-800-524 2854 if they have questions.

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