Kim Kardashian Writes Letter About Divorce to Fans

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries have been the major topic of discussion since she filed for divorce yesterday morning. Since rumors are swirling, Kim takes to the Internet and blogs a letter to her fans.

Kim keeps her blog going with pictures and daily activities, but today the only thing on it was a letter from her titled, “A Message to My Fans.” It began, “This is probably the hardest thing I’ve ever had to write.” She went on to write that she married for love, her marriage was real, and that she was a hopeless romantic. This is to counter the gossip that her marriage to Kris Humpries 10 weeks ago was a publicity stunt to make money. Given they had a $10 million dollar wedding, if it was a publicity stunt; it was very expensive one. Given they are both already millionaires, would they actually do that for more money?

Kim continued that it wasn’t an easy experience and took a lot of courage. No kidding. Kim has to have thick skin or a good sense of humor-although both would be her best bet to handle some of the stuff online about her. There is even a group on twitter called, #thingslongerthankimsmarriage, where people are listing things that have lasted longer. Some of them include, plug in air fresheners, lines at places such as the DMV, and Listerine strips.

Another point Kim stated in her letter was that she didn’t make millions off the wedding and she would be donating the money from all the gifts to the Dream Foundation. That’s admirable and probably took as much time to decide as the decision to divorce her husband of 72 days.

Someone needs to remind Kim that the dating process is the time to determine two people are combatable enough for a long-term marriage. Date longer next time instead of rushing into marriage!

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