Kingsdown Mattress Complaints Not Linked to Mattress Quality

In recent evaluation of Kingsdown mattress complaints, researchers at qMattresses found that the problem had more to do with the salesman than the manufacturer itself. This is important information, especially since mattress complaints are often used to help a buyer decide which type of mattress they should purchase. It also provides supporting evidence to the benefits of using mattress reviews to make a mattress buying decision.

The research was sparked by the fact that the mattress experts hadn’t seen very many Kingsdown mattress complaints. This was especially suspicious because of the fact that they assumed there would be serious sagging problems from all of the memory foam encasing on the coils. Because they are a site that focuses on providing visitors with the most in-depth and accurate information, they felt they needed to investigate the situation further. What they found was far from what they were expecting.

A gentleman had visited a mattress store. The salesman, more concerned with his commission than making sure that the customer made the right purchase, sold the gentleman the wrong mattress.

Kingsdown separates the two sides of their mattresses to help lessen the impact felt by the sleeper on the other side of the mattress. This encasing is not designed, however, to offer support. Each side of the bed has its own coil system.

The gentleman that purchased the mattress was single. As a result, he spent much of his time in the center of the mattress – where there was no support system. Within just a short amount of time, the mattress started to sag. The pressure from his body had caused the coils to push apart. This caused the center of the mattress to sag.

When buying a mattress, it is essential that you make the right decision. All of the different options available to you are designed to help a wide range of customers find just the right mattress for their needs. If you buy the wrong mattress, you are likely to be very dissatisfied with your purchase.

Because mattress salesmen are sometimes driven by their commission or are just simply uneducated about the different types of mattresses and their target buyers, it becomes your responsibility to have an idea of which mattress best suits your needs. While it is true that it shouldn’t be this way, it is unlikely that anything will change until consumers step forward and educate themselves.

Don’t be fooled by salesman or advertising hype. Check out mattress reviews before you buy. Understand complaints, like the Kingsdown mattress complaints so you can avoid a very c

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