Kirstie Alley Looks like a Healthy Lindsay Lohan Since Dropping 100 Lbs

Kirstie Alley has dropped 100 pounds and the always beautiful actress now bares a striking resemblance to a healthy young Lindsay Lohan. This is a complement, when Lohan is in top form she is one beautiful young woman, but when she is not, she’s the perfect example of the old saying, “youth is wasted on the young.”

In the latest pictures to surface of Alley, people are noticing the resemblance to Lohan, and the remarks are bubbling up online. When Lohan is away from the partying lifestyle and she starts to look healthy, she is a beautiful young woman. She doesn’t know how lucky she is to have her healthy looks, it took Alley a long time and she did a lot of hard work to get into the shape she is in.

In the last few pictures to surface of Lohan, she looks as if she is developing a slight double chin and her face is a bit puffy. She’s reported to be back at the clubs and drinking at social gathers again, according to the website Gather now that she is not legally bound to stay away from these activities. It’s too bad that she hasn’t learned her lesson yet. While she plays down her wild lifestyle, it is showing in her looks these days.

The website, Drink Your Juice, remarks that they are trying to decide if Alley “looks like Emma Stone or a pre-2006 Lindsay Lohan?” Emma Stone could pass as a relative of Alley due to the resemblance, so this is another good comparison. For sure the once “Fat Actress” star won’t mind, both the actresses are half her age!

In a few recent interviews, Alley passes along how proud she is that she was able to tackle the 100 lb weight loss without any plastic surgery. She says that plastic surgery doesn’t do much for making you look thinner, but it does make you look weird.

Alley is now one-half the woman she once was in the weight department and at 60 years-old, this once “Fat Actress” star has never looked better.

While Alley did consult with a weight loss expert, that she says helped her shed the 100 extra lbs she was carrying around, it makes no difference to the credit she deserves. No matter who was giving her all the pointers, she still had to work hard to drop this weight.

Reference: Drink Your Juice, Gather

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