Learn How Domains Are Hijacked

Hello friends hope you all are fine!well today i’ll tell you that hot the domains got hijacked sometime lets go through the article to know more about it
To hijack a domain name, it’s necessary to gain access to the domain control panel of the target domain. For this you need the following ingredients
1. The domain registrar name for the target domain.
2. The administrative email address associated with the target domain.

These information can be obtained by accessing the WHOIS data of the target domain. To get access the WHOIS data, goto whois.domaintools.com, enter the target domain name and click on Lookup. Once the whois data is loaded, scroll down and you’ll see Whois Record. Under this you’ll get the “Administrative contact email address”.

To get the domain registrar name, look for something like this under the Whois Record. “Registration Service Provided By: XYZ Company”. Here XYZ Company is the domain registrar. In case if you don’t find this, then scroll up and you’ll see ICANN Registrar under the “Registry Data”. In this case, the ICANN registrar is the actual domain registrar.

The administrative email address associated with the domain is the backdoor to hijack the domain name. It is the key to unlock the domain control panel. So to take full control of the domain, the hacker will hack the administrative email associated with it. Email hacking has been discussed in my previous post how to hack an email account.

Tips to Secure Domain Names

The internet is a place where you can find the good and bad in equal amounts. While on one hand, there are people who ensure access to good information for people from various parts of the world, there are others who are willing to bend over backwards to ensure hijacking some critical domain names. Domain name hijacking is a common problem that is plaguing the world today. Hence, it is imperative that you ensure you secure domain names that you have registered for your websites.

There are various things that one needs to keep in mind in order to ensure security for domain names. The first step, and also the most basic, is to ensure you look for the best domain name provider in the market today. There are a number of companies that advertise themselves online and claim to provide domain name registration for down to earth prices. While getting the best names at lowest prices is possible, it is definitely not something that is always credible. Most of these small time domain name providers would have resorted to dubious means to acquire those website names and hence are willing to offer it at the lowest prices possible.

Hence, first check the credibility of the webhosting company before going in for registering your domain. It is always recommended that you opt for players who have a good name and reputation in the world of domain name registration. Opting for such providers not only ensures security of your domain name but also for your website, thanks to their security systems. While the prices for them might be slightly on the higher side, it is definitely worth every cent since you will have complete peace of mind.

Another point to keep in mind is to ensure opt for the longest time span possible. There is an expiry date for every domain name. Ensuring you opt for “own domain name for a period of five years” will ensure that nobody in the market can ever lay claim on it during that period of time, as long as you safeguard your confidential data. Not taking proper measures to protect your personal data will enable fraudsters to gain access to your domain name and hijack it. Once that is done, it is almost next to impossible to get it back.

When the domain name comes up for renewal, make sure you pay the relevant fees upfront and not wait for the last minute. Your ownership rights to the name lapses the minute it expires and it comes on to sale in the market. So, any person in need of it can buy it. So, if you want to secure domain names, ensure you don’t let it lapse.

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