Libyan Rebels Free Saif Al-Islam with Terms for Gaddafi’s Surrender?

As reported by the appearance of Gaddafi’s son Saif al-Islam, bright eyed and smiling while surrounded by a cheering crowd has many people in Tripoli, and the world scratching their heads with questions. Saif al-Islam was reported in secure hands under rebel control. Instead he was seen surrounded by supporters and speaking cheerfully with reporters.

It is possible that the rebels had let Saif al-Islam go free with a message for his father. Such a message would most likely be the rebels’ last offer for Gaddafi to surrender. With Gaddafi’s forces in shambles and their ranks thinning from desertion, the end looks imminent for Gaddafi’s long reign to end. Gaddafi may suffer a fate similar to that of Iraq’s former dictator Sadam Hussien. The manhunt that took place looking for him finally found Sadam in a hole alone, hungry and in need of medical attention. Gaddafi may actually take the rebels’ offer to surrender or else spend the rest of his life running and hiding.

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