Look What You Can Do with Purple

Is there anything more dramatic than the color purple? It invokes a sense of style. It’s the color of royalty. It creates a conversation piece wherever you put it. Here’s what you can do with purple in your next home decor project.

• Glass Chandeliers

A hand-blown glass chandelier is stunning, no matter where you install it. It’s all the more dramatic if the hand-blown glass is in a rich purple color. Seeing the light through purple glass and watching it dance off purple crystals draped on the chandelier puts a piece in your room you won’t be able to take your eyes off. It’s purple glamour at its finest.

• Lamps and Shades

If you want to rev up your room with purple accents, don’t forget to add them to your other lighting fixtures. A deep purple lamp shade is a rich choice to light up the corner of a room. Or bring in a lamp base with your favorite purple hue. If you can’t find a purple lamp base, grab a can of purple spray paint and make your own.

• Furniture Accents

With just a few pieces of furniture in a purple color palette, you can change the entire mood of any room. Add a couple of upholstered side chairs to a sitting room or cover your dining room chairs in purple. You can even paint the top of your desk in a grape color to make the room pop. It’s the perfect choice for bold color infusion into any space.

• Wonderful Walls

Go really wild with a purple accent wall. It’s a lot of color for a daring statement in a bedroom or living room. No one can call you color phobic when you paint your walls purple.

• Terrific Tile Work

Purple tile work in a bathroom backsplash adds just enough color in a small space to make it interesting. Use ceramic tiles mixed with coordinating colors. Or you can install glass tiles with color than transcends the glass and lights up the room.

• Bodacious Bedding

Adding purple bedding to your bedroom can certainly be bodacious with such a striking color. But, you’ll also marvel in how the textile application will soften the color and still give it a great presence in the room.

• Plants in Living Color

Nothing is more brilliant or more vibrant than a live plant with a natural purple color. Indoors or out, violet blooms are simply stunning anywhere you put them. Use purple wisteria, lavender or jasmine for a romantic, earthly addition to your space.

Check out the pictures and inspiration for this article in the Purple ideabook on Houzz. You’re sure to find an idea you’ll want to use for bringing purple into your next home decor project.

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