Madness Caused by High Interest Rates

I look all over the TV channels about the riots on the streets in almost every city on the world that are caused by economy crisis and high interest rates, that have caused a great gap between the rich and the poor ones. Sincerely, my country wasn’t that loud like others, although we have more problems than 90% of them… yes, u seen it well, I am from Bosnia and Herzegovina and we have no government for over one year after the elections, and it’s all because some politicians can’t find a common word because of the national interests. Sounds familiar? But this is not an opinion about my country and our problems, it’s about whole world situation. What is happening to the people? Why have they get out now? Why haven’t they got out when Americans attacked all these eastern lands? Why haven’t they got out on the streets when hundreds and thousands children from Somalia die because lack of water and food? I mean, those are some serious numbers… that no one knows exactly and all that because it would be “shame” for the worlds giants if the rest of the world and normal people would know how many children dies from thirst and hunger while they enjoy in their capital that has been ripped off from normal people (middle class).

But humans are so predictable… I mean, whole those wars that still last, all this killing, all those deaths caused by lack of natural and most ordinary supplements… haven’t been good reason for people, not just all over the world, but also for a people of some single country to step out to say at loud so that whole world can hear them…that, what is happening is just NOT RIGHT! Yes there were a few protests and a couple hundreds of people on the streets…but sincerely, that is not even close to how it should look like when thousands of children dies every day! Aren’t we selfish? Aren’t we predictable? Aren’t we shameless? We can speak loud only when our head is in crisis..only when is something going over our backs, only when we are hungry or we feel that we might get hungry…so we shout out loud so that doesn’t happen! It’s a shame… and I am ashamed to live among such live in such an world. Thousands of deaths are not good enough for the world to step up, but a fear and suspicion about our money is more than a good reason for stepping up and causing all this mess on the streets…and for the irony to be greater by that act we only caused more deaths and more injuries. Funny?! Not to me, and I suppose not to any normal guy over there.

We, in some way, have deserved all of this that is happening to us all over the world. Those are hard words, but are so truthful… because of our selfishness. If we tend to help everyone we can, I am sure we wouldn’t be in such an situation as we are today. But, I guess we are too much blinded by our own success, our own money, our own family…why to care if someone, doesn’t matter if he is across the world, has nothing to eat, drink, no place to sleep at… By the way, I can’t think of what am I going to wear tonight in cinema… that’s the “problem” for most of us! And why should we open our eyes, when dreaming is so beautiful ?!

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