Madonna’s Halftime Show: Loved or Hated It?

This year’s Super Bowl halftime show was highly anticipated ever since pop icon Madonna was announced as the main act. The entertainer who recently won a Golden Globe promised a big show with lots of excitement. She delivered several fan favorite tracks and a rousing medley of song and dance. It is true that the show featured a 53-year-old woman waving pom-poms and doing flips. It is also true that the iconic “Like a Virgin” singer did not sing one note throughout her halftime performance. Regardless of what happened on the field at halftime, everyone seemed to have strong feelings about the much-anticipated show that featured cameos by LMFAO and Nicki Minaj. Here is a breakdown of both sides of the argument over the material girl’s big show.

The Lovers

Madge fans applauded her courage, her production as a whole, and relished in hearing songs that she has oft refused to perform. The musical montage paid tribute to fan favorites “Vogue,” “Music,” and “Like a Prayer” — ensuring love from those who still have “The Immaculate Collection” in their musical rotation. She was driven on stage by scantily clad strongmen and courageously carried the first part of her show without much support from fancy pyrotechnics or special guests. She managed to showcase several costume looks, and danced to the best of her abilities. She held onto social relevance by partnering with the likes of MIA and Cee Lo Green, and teased viewers with a piece of her new single, “Give Me All Your Lovin’.” The several song spectacle was fun and light-hearted, and Madonna gave it all she had.

The Haters

Watching a 53-year-old woman wave pom-poms, attempt flips and pretend to sing was a cringeworthy experience for many. The performance felt like a desperate plea to keep up with the likes of current pop stars and fell short in both dance and spectacle. The performance of “Vogue” felt almost robotic, and it took the appearance of LMFAO to pick up the sluggish start. Madge relied on a continued parade of performers who actually did sing to save the production. The weakest number in the montage was her newest single, proof that her best days are clearly behind her. The lip sync was obvious and the pre-recorded track overly tampered with, creating a vocal sound that one expects from a music video but is never possible in a live show. To many, this was not a rousing, live halftime concert, but rather a mocked, overly produced simile of what the show should be.

There is no doubt that most viewers were armed and ready to love or hate the halftime show long before Madonna took the stage. Both camps argued their cases throughout the second half of a very exciting football game, and continue to do so on Facebook and Twitter. There was plenty for Madonna fans to love, and also enough fodder for those either hoping to hate the show or who simply did not connect with the performance. Which camp are you in? Sound off with your opinions below to make sure your voice is heard!

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