Make a Play-Doh Flower Pot

My 10-year-old daughter made this crafty Play-Doh flower pot for me on her very own. Receiving the play-doh flower pot was a pleasant surprise. Why not have your children make one for you?


Play-Doh Silk rose petals, gems, dried flowers or potpourri (optional) Glitter (optional)


Choose your favorite color of Play-Doh or the favorite color of the person you are making the flower pot for. Press out a flat circle with the Play-Doh. Add Play-Doh all around the circle to make the walls of the flower pot. Add a flower such as the purple flower my daughter made for me. Let the flower pot air dry for one to two days. For an extra touch add glitter to the Play-Doh and mix it in to create sparkling Play-Doh.

That’s it! A simple, fun and beautiful flower pot! This flower pot is great for putting silk rose petals, gems, dried flowers or potpourri in. Place the flower pot in the center of the table as a centerpiece.

Happy crafting!

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