Make Curly Fries with a Cork Screw

You might think of cork screws as being able to uncork a bottle of wine and envision someone removing the cork smoothly with a pop or someone who comically gets the cork stuck. Cork screws are valuable in doing more than being able to open a bottle of corked wine. They are handy tools in an edible and decorative sense allowing you to show off your skills in the kitchen as you bring stylish pleasures to the table.

Fries can be cut from a potato with a knife without any frills. They can be sliced thin or wide in shoestrings or wedges. But that’s a plain version of fries. They aren’t really fancy. They are just straight delicious fries. Curly fries are just the opposite. It takes work to make curly fries. Curly fries have frills. They are like coiled springs. Curly fries have a center in which you can stuff things in-between. You could stuff a sausage link down the center of a curly fry for instance or even a carrot stick. You might even fold a small piece of bread to fill the center of a curly fry. Curly fries give you more options to decorate food than adorning a plate with plain fries.

Curly fries can be made from different sources. A cork screw will make curly fries and is just another way to make them. But one thing about a cork screw is it’s small enough to carry with you and cork screws can vary in size which means that different size cork screws will make different size curly fries.

When you make a curly fry with a cork screw you will want to attack the potato as you would when uncorking a bottle of wine. You can leave the potato skin on or take it off. Stick the cork screw in the potato and turn it around and around in the same mannerism as a wine cork. Keep turning until the cork screw stops. Slowly pull the cork screw back out. The curly fry should show itself and fall out as the cork screw is withdrawn. If you pull too fast when retrieving the cork screw the curly fry may break. Repeat the above steps using the same potato to make more curly fries. When you have enough curly fries fry or bake them.

It will take practice to make perfect curly fries with a cork screw but don’t give up it’s really a neat trick.

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