Make Your Own Creepy Spooky Halloween Door Wreath

This creepy Halloween Door Wreath is loads of fun to make because, you can use your imagination to add or take away as much or as little as you like. The materials can be bought at your local flower shop, craft store, department store, or you can head for the woods and find almost everything that you will need.

Things That You Will Need:

A large clean work area outdoors covered with old news papers

Door wreath frame made from vines

Natural Dried Moss (the stringy kind not round and fluffy)

Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Natural Twine (medium not the really thin stuff)

Latex gloves for handling the cob-webs/spider webs

Flat black spray paint

Fake lack spiders or other ornaments of your choice

Flat clear coat in a spray can

Cob webs/spider webs (preferably real ones)

You can usually get real cobwebs from under your house. Just use your broom to reach under and collect them. If you can’t find real cobwebs fake ones will have to do.


Step One:

Place your vine door wreath frame on your work space, backside up. Use the Twine to make a hanger by cutting a 1 ½ to 2 foot piece of twine depending on the size of your wreath frame. Tie one end of the wine to the wreath frame about ¾ of the way up on each side of the frame.

Step Two:

Turn your frame over and begin wrapping it loosely with the dried moss, using your hot glue gun to make sure that the moss stays in place. After your entire frame is covered with the moss hold it up and drape long strands of moss unevenly over the bottom of the frame, not too much though you want it to look realistic.

Drape more moss over one side or the other of the top of the frame, maybe let it hang down 4 or 5 inches. Lay the frame back down on your work space front side up and make certain that the moss is like you want it, then spray with clear coat, and take a break while it dries.

Step Three:

Now that the clear coat has dried you can use the flat black spray paint to give your wreath a burnt spooky look. Just spray lightly until you get the look that you want then let it dry while you get ready for the next step.

Step Four:

Put cobwebs on the wreath and in the center then spray with clear coat. Place fake spiders or other creepy ornaments on the wreath using hot glue to hold them in place. Fake cut off fingers and eyeballs work really well in this step too.

Step Five:

Optional: use the twine to wrap loosely around and around the wreath in the place of traditional ribbon. Make a bow out of the twine and hot glue it to the moss at the bottom of your wreath and your done.


For a really cool burnt look you can buy a spool of wide black ribbon and slightly burn the edges. You can do this using a regular bic lighter or a lit candle. Just catch one side of the spool of ribbon on fire and smother it out with and old towel. Then do the same thing to the other side of the spool.

When you’re done use it to wrap your wreath in the traditional way and make a bow out of the remainder of the ribbon. Spray the entire thing once more with the clear coat and allow it to dry for an hour or so. Hang it on your door and see how many people are amazed that you made it yourself.

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