Making the Best of Your Curly Hair

Having curly hair can sometimes seem like a curse. Humidity, weather changes, or a bad haircut can all affect our curls in a very negative way. By taking the time to learn a few tricks, you’ll be able to show off your curls in the best fashion possible.

1. Find the Right Mousse for You
The best thing you can do for your curly hair is to use a mousse to smooth away frizzes, and tighten up curls. John Frieda has a curling mousse that works wonderfully on curly hair, as long as it is used in moderation. While a curling gel may sound ideal, it can actually make your hair too crunchy. Experiment with a few different brands until you find a mousse that works for you. Using salon-quality mousse is not necessary, as many of the cheaper brands work just as well. Using a small dime-sized application is all that you need.

2. Find a Hair Stylist who can Cut Curly Hair
Ask friends and family, or visit a few different salons and inquire in person. If the stylist has curly hair him or herself, then you can be sure to know that they will know how to handle your curls, as well. Most stylists are not properly trained how to cut curly hair so that it lays properly. The layers need to be cut different than they are for straight hair. It is also a good idea to have a stylist de-thicken your hair, as this can help the curls lay better and also help prevent “poof.”

3. Invest in a Diffuser
Blow-drying can be very harsh on curly hair, as it has the tendency to make the curls much frizzier than normal. By investing in a diffuser attachment, you can dry your hair without frying it. The heat is emitted in much smaller doses, and you are able to gentle tousle your curls with the prongs of the diffuser, as they dry. The best way to learn this technique is to ask your hair stylist to dry your curls with a diffuser at your next appointment.

4. Add Highlights (and Lowlights) to Enhance Your Color
Highlights can brighten up your curls in a way that makes them shine their best. By adding lowlights, you are able to create an even greater contrast. Rather than changing the entire hair color, highlights can create an illusion that de-bulks your hair. Find a stylist who is comfortable with highlighting curly hair. If you are planning on always wearing your hair naturally, then ask the stylist which colors will work the best on you.

5. Embrace your Curls
Whether you realize it or not, most women are envious of others with curly hair. Choosing to permanently straighten your hair be your personal decision, yet know the implications of possibly ruining your curls in the future. Rather than constantly straightening your hair, embrace the natural curls that you were given. By taking the time to use the right products and get the right haircut for your curls, you’ll find yourself loving your curls as you never did before.

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