Memphis Movie Events from October 13-18, 2011

You can almost forget the summer heat as the autumn chill settles in. Whereas before you had Memphians beating the heat by ducking into the theater to cool off, now there’s less incentive to hit the movies. Schedules are tighter with kids back in school and parents scrambling to keep everything together. During the cold months, movies will be responsible for selling their own tickets.

October 13-18

The month of October marks the start of the drive-in decline in Memphis. Viewers are harder to come by and much less likely to venture out into the cold, windy world just to see the latest over-hyped sequel. Most recently, several Memphis viewers took their last trip to the local Summer Quartet Drive-In.

The onset of October weather became just too much to justify the trip. The last third of October is when the drive-in loses a significant portion of its appeal. Those hoping to get one last quality visit should do so before the 18th. Below are a few quotes from some of the discontented Memphian attendees.

“The mosquitoes are largely gone, but the cold night air is the new problem. You can’t let the windows down, and running the heat burns up gas. It’s unfortunate because the drive-in is my favorite movie-watching method.” — Jackie Franklin, 35, Memphis

“I plan on making the trip a few times during fall and winter, but it does lose much of its appeal this time of the year. I was there with my girlfriend a week back watching some comedy and we just couldn’t relax. Every few minutes we were switching on the heat or complaining. I suggested we bring blankets next time, but my girl jumped to conclusions about that.” — Aaron Val, 25, Memphis

Friday, October 14

Memphis movie fans haven’t exactly been kind to the upcoming remake of “Footloose.” Since the announcement of the remake, negative word of mouth has laced movie conversations. The original is fondly remembered by many Memphian film buffs and the popular opinion is that the revisit is merely a cash-in.

The remake is set in Tennessee just a stone’s throw away from Memphis. Many Memphians are insulted by the negative portrayal of their state’s citizens as intolerant and uptight. The driving plot behind the film is that a teen moves to Tennessee and encounters a community swelling with people who oppress teens, dancing, and music — especially rock & roll. Also fueling disdain for the film is the lack of any appearance by Kevin Bacon. While originally a cameo was planned, negotiations fell through when Bacon found his intended role unappealing.

“The Thing” will be releasing the same day as “Footloose.” Public opinion in Memphis is much more positive about this thrilling horror film when compared with the remake. The chilling ads for “The Thing” have stirred up a significant amount of interest in this horror of disturbing mimicry. It is worth mentioning that at least one Memphian mistook the film for a solo effort by a certain member of the “Fantastic Four.”

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